The Big O Loop is a system designed to take up to 2 fully assembled hang gliders and 3 paragliders (at once!) back up to launches immediately above Andy Jackson Flight Park (aka AJX). Currently, we have the "F'O' Hundred" (400' above the LZ), Embree (340'), and McKenzie (250') launches. We are working on hang-only launches at 375' (Zeller, a cliff launch) and 500 footer right above the F'O' Hundred.

Here's how it's designed to work:
1. Make sure you are a member, for a day at least, of the Crestline Soaring Society.
2. Get a system and safety brief and submit your waiver (see paperwork link).
3. Buy cart tickets ($5).
4. Get a driver (a volunteer/friend/fellow pilot) and round up anyone else who wants to go up.
5. Drop your ticket in the collection box.
6. Load up & take the cart path up to launch.
7. Fly!
8. Repeat?

Of course, not as part of this system, the Marshall (2200'), Crestline (3500'), and training hill (80') launches are available, the upper two the old-fashioned way (pack up your wing).